Hello, I know this is an old post, but I’m facing a very similar problem. Ask whoever maintains your engineering software for access to Knowledgebase. September 28th, I’m working with a physical PC. Thanks for all your responses. At least that’s how Dell labels them. I can’t get the generic USB driver to install for connection to one of the newer compact logix processors with the USB port.

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All times are GMT Most newer devices allow you to right click on the question mark icon to select “upload EDS from device”.

Don’t worry about the “generic” or “Root Hub”, as they will delete automatically. You are not registered yet. Operaghostall the USB ports on my laptop are 2. We are primarily a Yaskawa shop and rarely use Rockwell.

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Welcome to the Forum! I have also had issues with Windows 7 and USB 3. Rslinx Enterprise and Classic gateway. The time now is I’m really new to AB, so I very well may be asking sth stupid but Since this is your first post I will not prompt you with creating of a new thread request September 7th, September 22nd, This happens when the device was released after your version of RSLinx.


Twitter Reddit Digg del. Typically these are either blue or they are labeled as “SS” for SuperSpeed.

March 5th, Attached Images Device Manager. Submit a new link. What’s the highest version of Studio 5k that you have installed? I know this is quite “labor intensive” and will do nothing but confirm my assumption.

USB driver in RSLinx Classic – – Interactive Q & A

Windows always says it can’t find the driver and I have been unable to locate it on ABs site. This may be unlikely considering your version of Logix would have came with a fairly new version of RSLinx You could always perform those tasks over Ethernet as well. Unfortunately, doing that would violate the terms of our TechConnect contracts. USB 3 is not natively supported in Win7 so the right drivers are critical.

Are you getting that sound as you plug and unplug the USB cable? I’ve had machines that would see my device, but when I unplug it locks up the USB port. At least that’s how Dell labels them.


USB Driver CompactLogix : PLC

Most newer devices allow you to right click on the question mark icon to select “upload EDS from device” This happens when the device was 7169 after your version of RSLinx. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I think you need to delete all usb drivers and restart Linx and it should be plug and play. What is the Host’s OS? April 7th,