Just curious if i can get it to work this way as a little lab box running some stuff for me. Tue Apr 08, I have tried the same setup using a Debian live cd.. Worked out of the box with no configuration using Debian Etch kernel 2. This should remove the need for HighPoint’s drivers to make the card work.

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No other information for this 88sc7042 with Google search. Having lost 3x disks, it was unclear as to what the root cause of the failure in the array was at this time.

Awesome Linux SATA2 Controller: 8 ports for sub-$10

Mon Apr 28, 3: Memory at df bit, non-prefetchable Region 2: From that page I linked to earlier. When i boot up FreeNAS the marvel chip shows up nicely, and so do the first 2 linix drives plugged in!

It seems the Marvell 88SX should be well supported, it pops up all over the placed when searching for that type of card, even in the FreeNAS forums. Marvell 88SX[56 ] 0[48 ] 1 libata progress? Thanks for notifying me about that bug.

So backups are a must.

[zfs-discuss] Multiple SATA controllers and ZFS on Linux

If you can get linuux PCI-X slot this card is awesome: I am currently running the latest stable kernel for Debian Etch, 2. The only page for their Ethernet chipsets is: Sat Mar 22, 8: All you have to do is tell mdadm where they all are and it will figure the rest out for itself.


I downloaded the Linux driver from the Highpoint site but I am having some trouble getting it to work. I was getting pretty tired of having to squeeze all my stuff into only a few TB, so wanted a fix no matter what. Apr 16, Posts: Mar 24, Posts: After doing 88sx0742 fair bit of research around the Marvell 88SX online, I did find a number of references to similar issues with other Marvell chipsets, such as issues with the chipset series, issues with the chipset and even reports of issues with Marvell chipsets on FreeBSD.

Command Queueing enabled ada1: Its certainly fast enough for me as I access all the files over gigabit ethernet which caps out at about the same speed.

Probably can make it work if your just very very careful about physically labeling the drives and 8s8x7042 track of them by their serial numbers and such things.

[zfs-discuss] Multiple SATA controllers and ZFS on Linux

Originally posted by bombcar: To many variables, I guess. Tue Apr 08, Thu Apr 10, 7: Linxu become much more worrying, since two bad disks in the array removed any redundancy that the RAID array offered me and would mean that any further disk failures would cause fatal data corruption of the array. I’m kinda shocked Linux support is so poor and especially mystified about it since driver code is so obviously available – it’s in the FreeBSD install disc.


But why only see the first 2 channels? Redguy Jul 29, The only problem with these cards was that they were also based on the Marvell 88SX SATA chipset, but I figured it was unlikely for a chipset itself to be the cause of the issue.

Marvell 88SX controller only shows 2 drives instead of 4 | FreeNAS Community

Having traced something dodgy back to the Marvell 88sx7402 I decided the only course of action left was to source some new controller cards. Happy to take a virtual beer below.

Mon Mar 24, 5: