Several recent threads are along this line for 2-way Altecs, search “” Common practice with s is to toss the loading caps, and add a felt pad in the cover, ala I’m wondering if anyone who’s had both GPA and original Altec ‘s was able to detect any audible difference that they would attribute to the difference in phase plugs. Share This Page Tweet. I have posted some photos of driver.

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I have posted some photos of driver. In instances wherein relatively high ambient noise is present, and where maximum efficiency of both vocal speech and music must be reproduced with great clarity, the heavier magnet weight and greater flux density of the A are preferred.

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Never be too surprised when you discover an Altec component or system that seems to defy convention.

SeanWhat I would do is use the GPA diaphragms presuming they are 8 ohm standard aluminum and make my own Model Nineteen type crossovers.

Babgrip, got a date code for that driver? Discussion in ‘ Speakers ‘ started by babgripSep 2, Common practice with s is to toss the loading caps, and add a felt pad in the cover, ala As has been stated many times in the past, and will be stated many times again in the future, never say “never” with Altec. Altce performance will be maintained or improved. Another interesting note, well to some of us anyway, the new small format lansihg from GPA use a phase plug very similar to the tangerine, but it has only 9 slits vs the 13 of the tangerine.


RussellcSep 4, If you note on the catalog pages Dave posted, there’s some fine print that says: Does any one know where i can purchase replacement insulators that go in the holes of the back cover to keep terminal post from shorting.

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Your name or email address: Carefully inspected, with both music and both units swept k with signal generator. For full range systems utilizing low-frequency loudspeakers of relatively low efficiency, located in non- reverberant areas having moderate ambient noise levels, the A driver proves a perfect match.

Powered by Online shopping cart. That will give you clear, coherant and extended highs without the formidable problems of integrating a seperate tweeter, tweeters which are often pretty dismal sounding anyway. My cart Cart is empty.

AFAIK, the only difference between an and an is vintage.

These factors, together with the all-important 880-8a criteria of engineering experience, combine to produce. If your As have the Symbiotic ‘frams they came with though, there’s likely more room for improvement there.


Altec b Sectoral Horn a Driver Voice of The Theater Speaker | eBay

Buy Now to avoid a bidders war. The time now is Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Share This Page Tweet. There will be exceptions to every rule. Add to wish list. Yes, my password is: To view the original document, you can use the “Original mode”. I doubt the insulators were ever available as a separate item, i’m sure the only way to source them would be as part of the entire terminal assembly.

Vintage Altec 808 8b 8 Ohm Speaker Horn Driver

Yeah, the ‘rines add some extension, noticeably so for most folks. A mechanical phasing plug i. But, they are annular slit steel phase plugs, and the stock original phragms are the “lights”.