The problem is my PC detects an USB-device but does not have a clue what it is and so, needs drivers for the thing. Power and data with one cable! I’ll ask Willy Hermans what this type of chip was, and post it over here. Again if the software does not support it don’t bother. Find More Posts by Odin It will copy the driver files to c: Well, this RC Scoring Pro-software seems very nice but is no option for me.

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The rc decoder has both.

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Signal strength, hits and also noise level background interference are all provided but a sensitivity adjustment dial is no longer required on the digital decoder. If you would like to PM me I can look at my settings in my laptop and software and see if there is a solution there. This only had a serial connection, and it was very easy to make a connection through a normal USB-to-Serial-adaptorcable. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

AMB RC decoder

If two cars pass over the loop at the same time and transmit at the same time then the signal will not make sense to the decoder, because of the random delay the next transmissions will take place sub different times allowing the signals to be processed. Ethernet does have its advantages over USB however, a eecoder secure connection will not drop out if the computer goes into power saving and allows for up to four computers to be connected at the same time.


AMBrc systems were introduced in the year to replace the popular System 20, the new system introduced the ability to have personal transponders as well as handout rechargeable’s System 20 transponders will not work on AMBrc systems or visa-versa. Maybe you need to download the disk that comes with the usb cord.

Check out David and Duncan. I’m running WinXP on this Laptop.

But some work better than others. Last edited by JimmyG; at Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Power and data with one cable! The System 20 called this because it can count twenty cars was introduced in the early 90’s, these are no longer made but are available on ddcoder second hand market. To change the transponder number different crystals are installed, so the system requires some driver involvement and a large collection of crystals, unless they have to be returned after every race.

It only did with this special adaptor that contained some kind of chip.

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Again if the software does not support it don’t bother. Serial or USB cable. For further configuration details go here.

RC Scoring Pro lists one on their site that works well. Originally Posted by racer When I got rc scoring pro put on a Windows 8 system, I had to buy a new rs cable because the other one wasn’t compatible to win8.


You can make 1 30 day license to check out bbkRC Pro. Well, this RC Scoring Pro-software seems very nice but is no option for me. Additional download resource sites.


A transponder will be installed in each car, as the car passes over the loop it is detected many times, the decoder knows the time of the first detection and last detection and so can work out the time when the car passed decodef the middle of the loop. A transponder system is a significant purchase, make sure that the system you want to buy is suitable for your purpose, visiting another track might be a good idea to see the system being used.

Last edited by Bob Malphurs; at Instead hundreds of digital transmissions are sent every second with a random time gap between them, the transmission will include the transponders unique id and battery condition in the case of rechargeable units. Find More Posts by Robby BB code is On. Possible that laps free is so free, that the support for the newest decoder is not compatible with your laptop usb drivers.

We were however able to make decodeer connection If you are updating an earlier version of bbkRC please read this.