The User Password item on top of the screen shows the default Not Installed. Orient the red markings on the floppy ribbon cable to PIN 1. Incorrect field values may cause the system to malfunction. This utility helps you keep your computer at a healthy operating condition. When a corrupted BIOS is detected, the following screen message appears. Advanced Chipset Settings Warning:

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P4PS-X | ASUS Global

Lack of sufficient air flow within the system may damage the motherboard components. Position the CPU above the socket such that its marked corner matches the base of the socket lever. BIOS information After you have set a supervisor password, the other items appear to allow you to change other security settings. This Line Out lime jack connects a headphone or a speaker. Setting to [Disabled] deactivates this p44p800s. Install the USB 2.

Select [Ok] to discard any changes and load the previously saved values. This requires an external detection mechanism such as a chassis intrusion sensor or microswitch.

Use any of the recommended configurations in Table 1. Click on an item to install.

ASUS P4P800S, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

After connecting one end to the motherboard, connect the other end to the floppy drive. If no USB device is detected, the item shows None. When you select this option, a confirmation window appears. The read or write activities of any device connected to the primary or secondary IDE connector cause this LED to light up. Advanced Chipset Settings Warning: DO NOT place jumper caps on the fan connectors!


Asus P4PS-X User guide |

Do this last option only if the first two failed. The edge with external ports goes to the rear part of the chassis as indicated in the image below. The succeeding screen displays the status of the update process.

The other items Advanced, Power, Boot, and Exit on the menu bar have their asudtek menu items. The contents of the support CD are subject to change at any time without notice.

A – supports one module inserted into either slot, in a Single-channel memory configuration. Use a grounded wrist strap or touch a safely grounded object or to a metal object, such as the power supply case, before handling components to avoid damaging them due to static electricity.

The values range from to Install a CPU heatsink and fan following the instructions that came with the heatsink package. The bus frequency external frequency multiplied by the bus multiple equals the CPU speed. These documents are not part of the standard package.

ASUS P4P800S-X, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

Setting to Auto enables the LBA mode if the device supports this mode, and if the device was not previously formatted with LBA mode disabled. Setting wrong values in below sections may cause system to malfunction.


Main For changing the basic system configuration Advanced For changing the advanced system settings Power For changing the advanced power management APM configuration Boot For changing the system boot configuration Exit For selecting the exit options and loading default settings To select an item on the menu bar, press the right or left arrow key on the keyboard until the desired item is highlighted.

This will decrease the time needed to boot the system. If you wish to use the chassis intrusion detection feature, remove the jumper cap from the pins.

Find the proper orientation and push down firmly until the connectors completely fit. If an audio device is detected, the onboard audio controller is enabled; if no audio device is detected, the controller is disabled. To clear the supervisor password, select the Change Supervisor Password then press Enter.