Or do I only need the 9. James, is it possible to get stereo sound out of the card for playing mp3 etc or is it only for ac3 sound? Feb 27, You must log in or register to reply here. All was working fine until last night.

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HDMI sound working perfectly here. Sites like this can whine about what it isn’t, but what is it will sell extremely well. Joined Jul 16, Messages 9, 2.

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Turn on audiio receiver. The only requirement is that you install the Realtek HDMI Audio driver from Realtek’s site, once that’s done you’ll get the option to enable 8-channel audio output in Vista’s speaker configuration settings. After this HDMI audio device remains yellow in my hardware and is not installed properly. But if I plugged it straight into my TV it would work fine.


When I look into my hardware I can see that something IS installed on my pc. I have a and in order to use hdmi audio assuming you don’t have a native hdmi slotyou MUST use a 4xxx series adapter.

EvilAlchemistFeb 6, I don’t have a projector to test with, but this is what I would do. In sound settings, make sure ATI audio or whatever it’s called is selected. Log in or Sign up.

Sending the card back to Newegg. And honestly, compared to integrated graphics solutions, getting 8-channel LPCM and hardware decode working is just as easy if not easier.

But when I go into sounds I cannot select any audio device. It could be your receiver. Joined Nov 1, Messages 0.

Congrats on aucio sucess bro’ ocgw peace. Same problem with Arch Linux it seems. I honestly don’t remeber where I got the drivers though.

The Perfect HTPC Cards – ATI Radeon HD and Great HTPC Solutions

I tried the newer 2. I have installed the latest display driver.

I got no sound from the onboard HDMI connector. Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands Ratings: Radeno Architecture Day. Still does not explain why I cannot get audio when I plug directly into the TV. I guess that is why the product is so inexpensive. Disable the other display uncheck “enable”. However, I m not fully there where I want and I ll tell why: Which one do I have to install?


AMD states that while both the and support full hardware Blu-ray decode acceleration, the may not be able to fully accelerate a high bitrate ahi stream for picture in picture scenarios.

HD4350, HDMI audio not working

You must log in or register to reply here. Installing the driver didn’t help, as the hardware was ‘missing’. Sep 2, Messages: Webslinger, All was working fine until last night. Necrofire New Member Dec 1,