Specifies runtime library linking [ 8 ]. BAT is called to set up the toolset, it is passed all the extra arguments, see below for what those arguments are. It belongs to the Boost libraries 1. The build expects to find the DUMA source files in a “duma” subdirectory from the bjam sources. Running the scripts without arguments will give you the best chance of success. Finally, run bjam to build your program. The Boost libraries come as source code.

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The build scripts support additional invocation arguments for use by developers of Boost. To specify targets without options, one can suply a special ignore option ” “. Which version of boost do you use?

Builds debugging versions of the executable. Jamfile for project hello jamfile for project hello exe hello: The build scripts support additional invocation arguments for use by developers of Boost.

bjam command man page – boost-jam | ManKier

The relative pathname of this directory depends on the toolset and build configuration, but it always begins with bin. On Windows, the target directory is C: Arguments of the form ” –option “, which are passed to the build. As this book goes to press, the Boost.


They make it possible, for example, to tell whether a library has been built as a debug or release variant. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. In Example you can place the Jamfile anywhere you like, as long as you adjust the pathname hello.

This allows one to configure the toolset ass needed to do non-default builds of bjam. If all else fails, consider download precompiled libraries from boostpro. For example, in Example you could have written the install target like so:.


By default, this option is set to minimalmeaning that only release builds are created. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Try at least 1. When the toolset is not given an attempt is made to detect an available toolset and use that. For example buil build a Win64 version with vc8.

You use bootstrap only once to build bjam. Build can be used with many operating systems and compilers and is able to compile each individual library based on appropriate configuration files. For example, to build an executable hello or hello.

Write low-latency code and design large-scale programs in a team of friendly experts in Houston, Denver, New York. If the parser is out of date it will be regenerated and subsequently built. The build scripts accept these arguments:. Then, enter bjam on Windows and.


This command builds the executable hello or hello. Get unlimited access to videos, live online training, learning paths, books, tutorials, and more.

For building the executables there buils a set of build bootstrap scripts to accomodate particular environments.

On Linux, system is the default setting. Invocation of the exe rule exe target-name: There is currently only one available option, ” –debug “, which builds debugging versions of the executable. When an executable target—or a target corresponding to a static or dynamic library—is built, the file corresponding to the target is created in a descendent directory of the directory containing the Jamfile.

The arguments immediately after the toolset are passed directly to the setup script of the toolset, if available and if it needs to be invoked. Because the default configuration is not always appropriate, you should know the most important command-line options:.