And i check my bios status. Doesn’t have any USB mode. I wasn’t sure that it was an old laptop that doesn’t support booting from a USB device though. I use a Perl program called “rip” it’s in portage that is a convenient wrapper for cdparanoia and various encoders. I have 2 cd drives.

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I am unable to rip audio cd’s at any convenient speed.

In the case of konqueror audiocd: I am fairly sure its not the drive, because i can browse backed up data cd’s without problem or speed. I just re-read the OP: IMO, if cdparanoia is having problems ripping cds on your cd drive, the only real solution is to get an different drive. Cdda2wav is a part of cdrtools: This first hdparm can’t be good.

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A formated drive is blank, therefore there would be no Windows logo. Even in the bios i select Cd boot up. Cuz The drive in the laptop was broken.


I have never had any luck trying to install XP from an external drive. It is not nearly so easy as doing a “cat” or a “dd”. Grip works great though. IMO, that is the best way ccd-rom check your drive.

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I went ahead and emerged cdmp3 and dl’ed the source for cdda2wav. Just pass directly to the windows Logo. I don’t know why.

I f56e4 bios and every drivers. Mon Apr 03, 4: Yes No I don’t have a dog. The problem is the way you have the boot order configured in the BIOS.

There were always problems ripping with this drive, it never worked right. I guess will bios has some problem.

The docs c-drom their web site are quite good. I use a Perl program called “rip” it’s in portage that is a convenient wrapper for cdparanoia and various encoders. I tried to boot up using XP CD.

One of cd-gom takes just about forever to rip literally hours and some cd’s would never finish. Thu Apr 06, 3: Sun Apr 02, 8: Net cannot verify the validity of the statements made on this site.


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If you use the -v option for rip, you will get a verbose output from cdparanoia that might give you a good idea if there are problems ripping cd’s on your drive. I’m using mp3’s for my rio mp3 player abcde, ripperX, konqueror audiocd: The cdparanoia output for this drive showed a multitude of problems and errors. Use Question Form such as ” Cc-rom I have 2 cd drives.