If you order by 5: Slide the ribbon guide out of the print head. Main Structure Print ou t? If you need to know any printer setting, and to check if the printer is working well, print the self- test. If you need to turn the printer on, press the power switch in the I position ON. Rotate 2 the paper bail upwards and gently push it on both sides towards the back of the printer until it clicks into place.

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The following items are included in the box: Compuprint Series Serial Matrix Printers The Compuprint family is designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s applications while offering unmatched performance in Windows and graphic printing environments. Tear off the fanfold paper if necessary and then press the key to PARK park the paper. The following areas of the printer should be covered for safety reasons: Press the key to put the printer offline indicator unlit.

This setup compu;rint the use of the serial interface and is structured according to the interface specific parameters.

Compuprint 9060 PRT9061 Leaflet

Unsubscribe at any time. NO These items set the top of form. Once the rear pull tractor is installed, the fanfold paper can be loaded only in push-pull mode. QUIT will be used. Compuprnit the ribbon-winding knob in the arrow direction located on the cartridge to take up slack in the ribbon. If the paper to be ejected is longer than 18″ Printer Compuprint User Manual Compuprint See the following description: Make sure the printer has been turned off for at least 15 minutes before starting any cleaning operations.


Insert the paper on the right sprocket pins and close the right sprocket cover. Insert the power cable plug into the printer connector and the other power cable end into a convenient outlet the figure shows the European version.


Functions This item groups various printer functions, with which you can configure the printer. Page 27 The following messages appear to indicate other printer conditions or user intervention requests. Paper Specifications It is important to use the correct paper for obtaining the best performance. 99060 Up Your Printer Consider the following points when you choose the location for your printer: Rotate the Front2 push tractor onto the Front1 push tractor.

To check the Tear-Off Position proceed as follows: Gross prices include Compurpint plus shipping and are printed in bold. The list is in alphabetical order. Insert the rear pull tractor cover and make sure that the interlock connector is correctly inserted. Compupdint print carriage prepares ribbon cartridge installation.


Adjust gently the right sprocket to remove slack from the paper.

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Take up the slack of the paper exiting from the rear paper slot and open the left and right sprocket covers. For better paper handling, use the available printer pedestal options: Applies to products in stock only. Lock the left and right sprockets moving the sprocket levers up.

Function Keys Pressing the function keys it is possible to activate the functions indicated by the word compulrint symbol signed near the key. This printer can print not only in black but also in different colors.

NO The new values set for the macro parameters will be the used.