But note that full-featured versions of the drivers are also freely available from Dell. The hsfmodem driver may prevent your machine from going into suspend. You can follow the steps on this thread. The patch provided by Conexant fixes that. The drivers should be automatically re-loaded upon resume by the hotplug system, if not, just manually restart hotplug or modprobe the individual drivers, adding this to your suspend script if needed. Without the license, the drivers are limited to a maximum speed of That comes with at least one year support and kernel-version upgrades, after which you need to purchase it again if you are running a different kernel which needs a newer version of the driver although if you have the kernel headers installed it may be able to rebuild itself for your kernel, depending on what changes have been made in the driver – just try installing the deb and see.

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Partners Support Community Ubuntu. For Fedora systems, the procedure for generating and installing a patched RPM is as follows:. If you upgrade ALSA beyond the version supported in the Linuxant-based driver deell including the oem distributed by Dellthe hsfmodem drivers will fail and your sound will most likely break.

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Using this driver may cause sound problems for karmic users. Without the license, the drivers are depl to a maximum speed of ThinkPad R52 or T Conexant does not provide drivers for Linux, but commercial Linux drivers are available from Linuxant, a separate company.

Conexant drivers provided by Dell full-speed and free Dell provides drivers for the Conexant modems of their Linux-based laptops which should work with almost all Conexant HSF modems [1].

Everyone can find it by hsfmodem In addition you can set the country for the correct recognition of dialling and busy tones, and mkdem adhere to any local possibly legal requirements.

I’ve found new driver with full speed support.

Needs Updating This article needs updating to include the latest versions of Ubuntu. The following modems, available in some ThinkPad models, use the Conexant HSF softmodem chip, and require an appropriate driver: If you do not set the country, it will default to USA. It does not support voice or telephony features.

You can follow the steps on this thread. This page was last modified on 22 Marchat Privacy policy About ThinkWiki Terms of use. The above didn’t work for me when tested on listed-as-supported Conexant HDA modem. Retrieved from ” https: Latest version of this driver is 2.

DialupModemHowto/Conexant – Community Help Wiki

Before installing this package, make sure that you have the build-essential installed for gcc and make are required. There is a slmodem rpm in the RPM-Fusion nonfree repository. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. moedm


Installing a pre-compiled alsa-driver-linux package: The needed patch isn’t available from Linuxant anymore. Installing Generic alsa-driver-linux package with source: These drivers can be downloaded from the following addresses: Installing the latest alsa-driver-linuxant package is necessary before installing this driver.

Modems supported by the Conexant drivers

R52 R51 T43 Z60m Fedora. If so, you may remove them prior to sleep by adding to your suspend script:.

But note that full-featured versions of the drivers are also freely available from Dell. Page History Login to edit.

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This hybrid approach has been reported to work you can use this more recent package from Dell instead of the one mentioned in the forum post. The license is tied del, the specific CDC modem daughter card, so if you replace your modem card you will need to buy a new license. Read this post to fix it: