A file can be enlarged to confirm the data. Serial Pattern Trigger user defined: Triggers for embedded systems and in-vehicle bus signals are supported along with decode display analysis serial bus analysis option only on 4 ch models. This allows your hardware investment to remain on the functionality state of the art line its entire life. With the DLM series, up to previously captured waveforms can be saved in the acquisition memory. Analysis can be performed of the frequency components of waveforms filtered for limited bandwidth, of frequency for changes in period of rotary objects, and other phenomena. Four bus decode and list display.

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In a single screen you can observe period-by-period fluctuations, compute amplitudes every screen using multiple waveforms, and display amplitudes as trends.

Each channel has 14 low pass filters available from 8 kHz to MHz. Waveforms in which an abnormality occurred can be saved for confirmation and analysis of the phenomena at a later time.

Inputs supported for serial bus analysis. Trigger on the 7th edge of signal on B.

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You can also perform cursor measurement, computation, and other operations on history waveforms. Dedicated power supply analysis options are available 4 ch models only for switching loss, joule integral i 2 tSOA safe operating area dom2024, harmonic analysis of power supply current based on EN, and other power parameter measurement such as active power, power factor etc.


This license is only valid for 4 ch models. For NO-GO, actions can be carried out at the same time such as sounding a buzzer, saving the current waveform, or sending notification to a designated e-mail address.


A to B n Trigger: Trend and histogram displays Waveform parameters such as period, pulse width, and amplitude can be measured repeatedly and displayed in graphs.

Also, waveform parameters can be measured repeatedly, and the statistical values displayed mean, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, etc.

Cutoff Frequency Setting Range: Searching for history waveforms: Long memory is necessary to keep high speed sample rate in long term measurement. It is necessary to update main unit firmware in advance to V3.

Intelligent serial bus auto setup: With Auto Scroll you can choose forward, backward, fast-forward, scroll speed, and other control options. The DLM is a bench-top oscilloscope for electronic design or debug. What’s New April 17, Using the History function, you can analyze rarely-occurring abnormal signals.

Filtered waveforms can be displayed at the same time as the input waveform for comparison.

Scope Information – Yokogawa DLM – Amherst Systems, Inc.

You can select low pass or high pass filters. Up to four busses can be analyzed simultaneously. It’s ergonomic andeasy to use,and packedwithfeatures. A compact “personal oscilloscope” designed for easy viewing and ease of use.


This allows your hardware investment to remain on the functionality state of the art line its entire life. The DLM series comes with a variety of easy-to-configure triggers combining analog and logic inputs such as edge, enhanced, and B triggers.

Display trends of peak-to-peak or pulse width per cycle. This is a license product for adding applicable optional features on to DLM series on your own.

The image and file names are shown so that you can view screen image contents while copying or deleting files. UART trigger and analysis 4 ch model only.

Yokogawa Dlm2024 Mixed Signal Scope MSO 4ch 200 MHz W/ 4x Probes & Pods

Automated measurement usv be performed using up to 20 of these waveform parameters. Power supply analysis function 4 ch model only.

M1 can automatically detect a full range of known signal-integrity faults.