Customer Engineering Manual of Instruction: If it fails to continue recognizing SIM, check if the terminal is unusable. A major advantage over the earlier resistor—transistor logic is increased fan-in. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In case of non-auto-identification:

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Use your own phone in Korea just as you do in your country! For indication of “Non-service area”: Check if SIM is properly set. Resistors R1 and R3 will then supply enough current to turn on Q1 drive Q1 into saturation and also supply the current needed by R4. Representative director of KT Co. Payment is possible with a credit card or a check. This method is very effective if the output impedance of the preceding stage is low so that the peak reverse current into the transistor is high.

Use may not be possible according to terminal model and frequency band.

It is called so because the logic gating function e. Static Dynamic Domino logic Four-phase logic. The used germanium transistors and diodes in its basic gates.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. When the transistor goes into saturation dfvice all inputs being high, charge is stored in the base region.


If it fails to continue recognizing SIM, check if the terminal is unusable. This charge can effectively cancel the transistor stored charge, resulting in a reduction of storage time.

After installation, the prepayment chip is identified by the cellphone turning itself on and off up to a maximum of five times, according to the terminal model. Additionally, to increase fan-out, an additional transistor and diode may be used. Before using the service, confirm if your country lock has been terminated by contacting your communication company! Receipt by a third party is not possible.

You can follow the step-by-step process of renting a SIM, as described below. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Diode–transistor logic

You are advised to confirm this through your communication company. The turned on transistor’s collector current will then pull the output Q low logic 0; V CE satdevuce less than 1 volt. For indication of “no chip card” to the antenna: Webarchive template wayback links. R3 and R4 then act as a voltage divider that makes Q1’s base voltage negative and consequently turns off Q1. His patent also showed how the Schottky transistor could be used in DTL circuits and improve the switching speed of other saturated logic designs, such as Dl, at a low cost.


If either or both inputs are low, then at least one of the input diodes conducts and pulls the voltage at the anodes to a value less than about 2 volts. If it fails to continue recognizing SIM, check if the terminal is unusable. The DTL circuit shown in the picture consists of three stages: For indication of “Non-service area”: Defice card purchase and use instructions Confirmation of items prior to use of service.

Diode–transistor logic – Wikipedia

Video calls may be unusable according to your mobile phone model. This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat In an integrated circuit version of the DTL gate, R3 is replaced by two level-shifting diodes connected in series.

Receipt by a third party is not possible.