De-interlacers were able to double lines but effectively turned the image into a progressive one — a single image that contained data from both interlaced fields at once. It rarely combs and squeezes out a lot more details than are available through other means. It features a sleek, sculpted design measuring only 2 inches tall with a recessed face lacking any controls other than a hidden flip-down HDMI input, a dim power light, and an IR receiver. Since the remote will be used so often, having a good one is crucial. Among these were two main product lines:

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With a whopping six HDMI 1. But the bottom line is that the Edge gives you the performance of a top-shelf video processor at a bargain basement price. The ABT improves on this but only by a little.

DVDO Edge Video Processor User Interface | Sound & Vision

Overall, this is a solid product and one that many people would enjoy as their first or as an entry level video processor. Detail Enhancement likewise sharpens things up a bit, but it ede that overdriving the Detail Enhancement control adds noise to the picture. These include IRE brightness patterns, color bars, and full-field color patterns for adjusting the CMS rvdo system in displays that provide one. Overall, the interface is intuitive, simple and cleanly designed.

Happy Egde and Happy New Year! Reel-to-Reel Recorders — Is there a Resurgence? ProjectorCentral reserves the right to remove any comment at any time for any reason.

This is nitpicking on my part, I think the menus are great and quite usable as they are, but they can be further improved.


When playing video games, video delay is a great way to ruin the experience. Subscribe to Receive Articles.

DVDO Edge Video Processor

I have tested this with a variety of different equipment and had absolutely no problems routing my audio through in this manner. The universal remote can control up to seven devices and ddo an elegant matte-black finish, and it sits comfortably in my hand. The unit appears as a portable storage or thumbdrive and you can just remove the old firmware and put in a new one. To correct this, the Edge has onboard audio delay of up to milliseconds, eliminating the need for an outboard audio delay device.

This type of separation is now becoming nearly impossible, now that HDMI has become such an important transporting medium for audio.

Not all of the features are clearly defined or easily accessible. As many displays block aspect ratio control when HD signals are sent to them, this is critical if you plan to use the unit with any sources that may not be isb All comments should remain on topic. It’s better at upscaling than any player I’ve had on the market edgw Oppo Leave this field blank.

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In this case, you can switch on the Edge’s “game mode,” which reduces the amount of processing being done and consequently reduces video delay. When I compared this to the reigning champion of this field, the Algolith Mosquito, the latter performed better and edfe more artifacts while retaining more detail.

The Edge retained the maximum resolution, but did not comb even once on my tests.


One algorithm that the Mosquito performs is Block and Macroblock artifact removal. It is a cleanly designed, universal remote that can work in most situations for most users as their main remote. I will start by saying that I will have to review each part of the processing path separately.

Access to these patterns, at least in the V61 beta I had tested for this review, is cumbersome and unintuitive. More algorithms include some MPEG artifact removal, edge and detail enhancement algorithms, genlocking the act of locking the output frequency to the source frequency, twice the source frequency or three times the source frequency and PReP an ingenious idea by video processing master Dale Adams which is able to undo a badly deinterlaced image even when the interlaced source is unavailable.

It also doesn’t have negative zoom ability.

It includes an onscreen Setup Wizard that guides you through the process in an intuitive manner, and it offers onscreen hints. Simply put, It makes hell of a difference, even to the output of top of line Pioneer LX 71 Blu-ray player.

It has some niggling issues like underscan feature being hard to access and not setup for individual inputs. It also has issues with more than one display. Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review.