Your name or email address: Confirm interface card by swapping with another interface card or printer. Finally, in one form or another, the problem always always lies with the drivers. The data cable has the right configuration for the printer and computer in use. To install a printer in Kubuntu Linux or any other modern desktop Linux you follow this procedure Open the printer in the Windows Printer Folder. It’d be so much better if there’s a brief description somewhere.

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Go to the control pannel, system, device manager, find the item that Windows thinks is there when you connect your printer and force it to use the driver for your printer. Installing the Driver Files. Which wouldnt have resolved this problem windoss if I had done it. Completing the Driver Installation.

Epson TM-U375 Printer Drivers

Printing speed may go down due to problems with the network system or applications. HP make a good effort to fully support all their printers on Linux, so all things being equal, always buy a HP. So the keys had to be deleted or a system restore to a point where the reg keys never existed. Open the printer in the Windows Printer Folder. To install a printer in Kubuntu Linux or any other modern desktop Linux you follow this procedure Installing the Device Drivers for Windows.


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If so, you will get exactly the behaviour that you are talking about here. A serial connection involves a pair of wires transmit and receiver along with the status and handshaking wires. Installing the Printer Driver in Windows After installing the drivers, the printer should be visible in the printers folder of the Windows Control Panel. Make sure you make a backup of your registry first.

Your advice was invaluable and you have solved umpteen hours of work on this. This helped me a lot. I got the tech reference guide from here: It’d be so much better if there’s a brief description somewhere.

Specifically you need to configure the serial port you are using to connect with the printer. If unsure on which cable to use, first try a standard Null Modem cable.

Also select the number of the COM port on the computer connected to the printer.

TechSpot is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users. The connections can be wired inside the housing for custom wiring options. Join the community here. Selecting the Printer and the Printer Port. Check the POS application to determine what the port settings should be on the computer. Even when the windows chosen driver was uninstalled and so too was the Epson software, the keys created by windows associated with the printer ID remained.


Download Epson TM-U printer driver & Resettter | Driver Epson

Port settings are set the same on the printer from the Self Test and in Windows. Hmmm I didnt epsln that in the paper manual Ive got. You didn’t copy the DIP switch serial settings from the old printer to the new printer. See the support page for the model of printer you are using for specific switch settings.

Download Epson TM-U375 printer driver & Resettter

The printer or the interface card is defective. I tried system restore but it failed and then I proceed to registry deleting which relates to epson. Specify the options specific to the type of interface you are using.