It copied the document correctly. Copyright – , Tech Support Forum. Rubbish if you want to use it. Does the lamp look uniformly bright across its full length when you scan a document? Performs much better than ink ones I had before. Insisting on the right to be obnoxious and offensive just because you can is infantile. Did it also copy the document correctly, or do you only see the marks?

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Does the copier function correctly? May Wasted money and time Philip asked on Dec 14, A nightmare to get it working–needing many phone calls to Sydney’s helpful support staff. Do you have any thoughts as the problem? Dec Best I ever had.

CMFW A crappy infuriating printer. Brand Manager for Fuji Xerox? One day a sensor, the next a jam, the next it doesn’t pick up jobs from the computer even though its both wirlessly and manualy set up.

FujiXerox printer: cm205fw…scanner problem

I suspect there is a hidden self test and diagnostic menu built into the firmware of the unit, but I have no idea how one would enable it. I really don’t know what else I can tell you.


Oh, one more issue, it does not like cardboard or thick paper. Great as a paperweight. It is a cumbersome and hopelessly ineffective printer. It is pedantic regarding which paper size it uses.

DocuPrint CM fw – Scanning Issue – Customer Support Forum

Purchased 5 years ago and never had a issue with it. I will not purchase another Fuji Xerox again. Since the marks are not present on images printed from the PC, problems associated with the electrostatic drum or toner delivery system can be eliminated.

The biggest piece of crap that I have ever used. It chews through the toner which is expensive like no tomorrow.

Write a review Ask a question. Let’s get the positives out of the way first: It now tells me that the CTW sensors need cleaning after using the net I found out what a CTW sensor is and where it is fuui cleaned it – but that wasn’t good enough. Conflicting jargon-filled instructions to set up for it to work wirelessly with a desktop computer which is only 5m away in the same room!

Not using WiFi so unable to review this. Jun The absolute worst printer imaginable. I have been in IT for 25 years and had many printer but this printer is the best I ever had.


When the picture is previewed the two lines are there to see, even though they are not on the document I’m scanning. The user manual is just that. This issue was only resolved after the technician has totally xeroc another version of sensor after seeing me coming back for the same issue a few times.

This was great with windows before windows Network setup failed so connected via usb.

DocuPrint CM205 fw Drivers & Downloads

Prices for the printer itself are fine, refills are fine but this product has one massive down factor. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. The scanner doesn’t work – never has.

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