Retrieved from ” https: This is because, after the initial initialization is complete, a full background initialization is performed. Privacy policy About AN! One point is that using a disk image a. This is the one I’m using, so it should be correct, but if it doesn’t work, try the other drivers in that folder. If this was a single-server setup, that would be perfectly sensible.

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I have to investigate more, but at least, I know I can make it work. Shortly after returning to the main menu, a window will pop up telling you that the initialization has completed. There were a couple of points I was trying to make. Wednesday, February 22, 4: I cannot find an instruction. There’s a general presumption that, if you know enough to download it in the first place, you also know enough to burn taid properly.

Configuring Hardware RAID Arrays on Fujitsu Primergy – AN!Wiki

This is because, after the initial initialization is complete, a full background initialization is performed. Thursday, March 15, 4: I was wondering if Serverview had that? In our case, we have only one array, so functionally there is no difference.


As much as we’d not want to lose performance, this is the only safe option. Thanks for the pointers. Personal tools Log in.

Thursday, March 15, 6: Thanks so much again, this worked great!!! So we’re going to select ” Manual Configuration ” and the click on ‘ Next ‘. As the OSs you mention are unsupported I can’t offer a better driver. Any help about this? I have the same server but haven’t been able to install the OS. The provides a significant performance boost, but it is only safe to use when the flash unit is working. Sign in to vote. We’re building a new array, so in our case and most ofteninitialization is desired.

In our case that is OK, so we’ll click ‘ Yes ‘. We don’t need a combined array, so we will create a “SPAN” of just the one array.

I was digging around the Fujitsu site and did finally find one that worked.

You might also be able to get tech support from fujitsu. Windows Home Server Hardware and Installation. No luck so far, same problem on all OS.


ServerView RAID Manager

Hot spares can either be allocated to a specific array when you have two or moreor it can be a “global” hot spare GHS. Fast and easy it takes 10 minutes to install the OS!! Kind of suggests a faulty disk since you downloaded it, you burned it to disk yourself, so try burning a new disk or faulty optical drive. Now fuuitsu the drives will w2 shown in the right-side ” Drive Groups ” window. Do not use anything here unless you are willing and able to take responsibility for your own actions. What can I do to get over this, I find it frustrating.

Any questions, feedback, advice, complaints or meanderings are welcome.