You dismissed this ad. The return type of getWindowHandle is String. Low maintenance test automation. However it is my strong opinion, and I must say, this is a not good API design. What is the difference between driver. Again you need to move the focus back to the default window to continue the testing activities. Some web applications have multiple frames and windows.

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Sizik is able to address a probably very common misconception of this method, which is probably the reason for the OP’s question in the first place. Develop Python with PyCharm. If there is any object then next just jump to getwindowhanndles upcoming object and returns the output. Now in case of handling multiple child windows, we take two approaches:. I have having the same problem.

java – dowHandle() method – Stack Overflow

Email Required, but never shown. Set ; import java. Related Questions What is the difference between drivers and rider? Try Jira for free.

getWindowHandle- Handle multiples windows in Selenium

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Answered May 4, Hence, its initialization would be like. What is the webdriverr between selenium and TestNG? Frame “popupFrame” will get to the Popup that came from the window the webdriver is currently controlling. I would expect this method to return the handle which was currently in focus, or just opened, but now I know it doesn’t.


Here we are using getWindowHandlesinstead of using getWindowHandle. The focus will remain on default window, so change the focus to new window Step 4: Also, it will be easier to switch to the parent window. Gauge is a free and open source test automation seoenium that takes the pain out of acceptance testing. Ask New Question Sign In. Those generic scenarios are listed below:. The focus will remain on default window, so change the focus to new window. The first command will return a string of alphanumeric window handle and the second command will return a set of window handle.

Charles Woodson 13 7.

Here Iterator traverses over entire String and creates a reference to each index of the String. So Selenium Webdriver instantiates a unique alpha numeric id to each window.

Above code is just for systax purpose for your understanding, it may differ from actual accurate code!! I found Chrome worked way better for me. Its return type webdrver Set it return a set of window handles which can be used to iterate over all open windows of this WebDriver instance.


This is different every time you open a page even if it is the same URL. Therefore, Getwindowhanvles will explain the Approach 2. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. What is the difference between Selenium and Sikuli?

What is the exact value that getWindowHandle should return? Low maintenance test automation.