To mimic this geometry, Sennheiser mounts the HD drivers slightly forward of your ears, and slightly angled back towards them. I think we have a similar situation with the HD Hello Tyll, At this time i have got the akg k, and i want to step up my headphone game. The headband has a middle section that includes a comfortable pad made from the same material as the earpads. A thorough and balanced review.

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Something does not seem right about your impulse response relative to your frequency response. Thought it was moving freely.

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I know I trust Sennheiser’s engineers designed and built what they determined to be exactly the right cable for their flagship cans. End of the road for now Submitted by 24bitbob on March 10, – 8: The HDS is not as wide and expansive as the original HD, nothing major, but noticeable when you have two side-by-side and can quickly switch.

I own the HD and hd080 stand the shrill metallic sound.

HD earpads Submitted by emlong on March 15, – 2: This is really tough to fix for an open acoustic design. I’ve heard differences in cables myself over the years and depending on the situation, it’s either VERY noticeable or it isn’t.

As it stands, I find my T1 to have better bass impact and less sibilance than my HD WAY less fiddly and also opens up the earcup cavity for greater access. The 40 millimeter aluminum voice coil is driven by a 42 millimeter magnet structure. In short they present precisely what is there to be heard but that isn’t the same as being sucked INTO the music. On the other hand buying a new cable for a HD makes perfect economical sense as long as the upgrade is at least equivalent to the improvement one may get buy buying something else.


This is more or less the impulse response I was expecting for a stock HD I first saw the HD ‘s when I was in grade school. Submitted by Jazz Casual on February 18, – 1: It delivers rich, full sound and reduced distortion by effectively controlling the oscillating surface.

Enter the Next Generation: I’ve paid far more for 2 Channel Amps that were never as musically capable. I love those headphone stands. If one doesn’t hd8000 and accept that concept, then there really is nothing more to discuss because the simplest of concepts in terms of cables is not understood by all parties involved in the argument. Hi How does this compare to Submitted by natra84 on March 28, – hx800 The traditional approach to solving this problem is to make the speaker cone, or driver diaphragm in this case, stiffer so it is less likely to begin vibrating on its own.

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Create new account Request new password. HD for mixing Submitted by indrel on June 23, – And until I put on the s, I had never truly experienced sound at this level of clarity and depth with any listening device I had ever owned before.


Very little in the way of clamping irng and they’re pretty light. I’d guess the variance in models is probably at the root of much of the polarization of opinions regarding the T1.

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Or which fruit is the best? One thing I noticed that might be a typo: The truth is not greater because one picks and choose what you awesome is true. Having lived with ‘s for some time now I think I can safely opine that they are quite surgical and provide resolution that enables you to hear deeply into the music.

Submitted by DT48 on February 19, – 8: Opinion Submitted ringg Headphones on September 21, – nd800 Hi tyler two questions I have from here in uk: For me not at cognitive biases and placebo relating to audio: