Clearly the screen is capable of so much more, but this goes to show you need correct calibration to achieve it. Product Key Features License Category. About this product Product Information Product Description The Xrite Eye-One Display 2 is an easy-to-use powerful solution that provides the best monitor profile quality ever! Conclusion I mentioned at the outset of this review that good monitor calibration hardware and software is a prerequisite for consistent color handling across a wide range of applications and hardware systems. Figure 6 When you click the “Start” button i1Match first goes into a routine whereby it establishes the actual position of the colorimeter. I activated the profile and exited the software in order to validate it’s success.

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The screen is correctly calibrated to k, hardly any variation from the desired value.

Eye-One Display 2

Easily attaches to both LCD and CRT monitors with built-in counterweight and suction cups Use at multiple workstations—no additional licensing fee USB powered The i1 Display 2 product forms part of X-Rite’s professional range of calibration tools, and offers additional features to their ‘i1 Display LT’ device which is entry-level. Gamma was poorly adjusted to 1. We have discussed recently how important calibration can be when setting up your new monitor.

Stay up to date: In Windows Explorer, return to “C: This is the only main thing missing from X-Rite’s software package and as such, it is not as useful for a reviewer or someone wanting to verify the calibration results. Issues with New Phone and Lightroom Mobile.

Both greyscale neutrality and smoothness of gradations have been greatly improved when using the new linear gamma option, although this is feature is probably only suitable for better quality LCDs and high end CRT type monitors.


I have a new computer on the way and was wondering if my Eye one display 2 will work with windows 10? The hardware is essentially the same in appearance, but an enhanced light measuring sensor provides much better repeatability, which translates into more consistent calibration.

Let’s see how successful calibration with the i1 Display 2 software is It will also show us the DeltaE dE94 values for 16 colour shades, helping to show us how accurate the colours shown on the screen are. There is a guide section on the right of the screen giving you help as you go along.

Colour temperature is confirmed as being corrected to k as desired. Copy your saved ICC Profiles from i1 Match into this folder copying instead of moving prevents having to re-calibrate if you make a mistake. X-rite seems to have i1dixplay this software down from their website very recently, because I found a posting from this past February linking to this software.

It’s hard to tell from the image, l1display there is an ‘ideal’ curve shown by a black line, and then the corresponding red, green and blue curves are shown. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited.

i1Display 2

Check the link, i1displzy i1Display2 isn’t listed. Figure 4 “Advanced” also provides support for checking the “ambient light” light within your monitor workplace figure 4.

The “Easy” mode also removes the need for the user to select the target White Point and Gamma values by using preset values common to the Mac and PC platforms. Write down which one you do first, second, etc. Again the software locates the device on the screen, before flashing up a i1dsplay, blue and green background.


Will my eye one display 2 work with windows 10?

The same slim counterweight, which is clipped onto the cable has been retained. Create a temporary folder in this folder–I called my mine “Temp Profiles”. Gamma is also now recorded at 2. Figure 6 When you click i1displsy “Start” button i1Match first goes into a routine whereby it establishes the actual position of the colorimeter.

So the above shows what the screen is capable of with correct calibration.

I1disp,ay was unable to install anything using the drivers contained in this ZIP file. You could always consider purchasing the device at X-Rite’s reasonable price, and then pairing it with alternative software from another provider. A “Quality Indicator” dialog is displayed on the screen indicating whether the contrastbrightness and color balance is correctly.

The Print Shop Deluxe 3. They are old and its organic filters degenerate with time, one example here https: For reference, LaCie describe the DeltaE readings as: I1dieplay are then asked to adjust the ‘white point’, which will adjust the RGB levels of the screen and hopefully improve the colour accuracy.