These modules use ram chips organized as 32Mx4 see question ” What module sizes are supported on my bx-based board? Because the OS doesn’t use the cached ram first, you will get a tremendous performance penalty. Read on to find out more It is quite astonishing to note that in an industry where technology changes in a blink of an eye, manufacturers such as Asus and ABit still churn out motherboards whose heart is the BX. If that happens, you’ll need one of those high-quality slockets, to change the reported-VID to something supported 1. I don’t know what VRM and slocket are, but from what you guys say, this would imply a lot of unnecessary work, especially since the graphics card is IIRC a crappy, 2D onboard one.

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The trick will be to get compatible memory. I’ve just bought some MB “high density” module with 16 chips on it and only half of the ram gets recognized.

Wed Mar 21, 7: There exist at least four different types of MB modules. If that happens, you’ll need one of those high-quality slockets, to change the reported-VID to something supported 1.

Intel BX – Wikipedia

Since the i440bs interface calls for 64 bit data width, 8 chips are needed to form one ram bank. Board index All times are UTC. I do remember that the i, while it was alive, got a tremendous boost from the faster AGP bus speed. May 28, Posts: Wed Mar 21, 4: I don’t completely understand that.


This site hosts no abandonware. The bx chipset indeed has support for EDO memory, but most boards don’t an exception to that are the bx based boards from supermicro. abd

If you buy branded ram, datasheets are usually available apacer has datasheets, crucial has their memory selector, and so on. May 1, Posts: I ran both a PII and Celeron 1. Still, the later i was considered the best Pentium III chipset because it offered a better feature set and very similar performance i4400bx to the BX.

You just need the right board. What is your biggest Pentium 4 Collection? Note that the term “high density” is technically wrong, because these modules consist of ram chips with the exact same density mbit per chip as those sold as “low density” which usually consist of ram chips organized as 16Mx8. I don’t know if that is motherboard or chipset related or not, but that’s another caveat to watch out for. I didn’t know that, how can I anv wether a motherboard supports newer, high-density sticks or not?

The modules with 16 ram chips organized as 32Mx4 will NOT work, nor will the modules with 8 chips.


Can a 133Mhz FSB PIII be used on an i440BX motherboard?

Can I mix registered memory with “normal” unbuffered memory? Buffered modules are similar, but instead of i440gx, they contain buffers, the difference is that a register is clocked, and a buffer is not.

For a MB, 16 or 18 chip dimm to work, these values must be 2 and MB, respectively. It turns out that the BX chipset was and is one of the more stable and higher-performing chipsets out there.

Wed Mar 21, The 16Mx8 also means one chips has a capacity of mbit. You can always try out H-Oda! Intel lists another type in their newer chipsets datasheets: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Venetia et Histria Registered: Don’t know if it is true, but in the end it i440bs be you who tests the ram, and I don’t think the trouble is worth the cost savings. You need modules with 16 ram chips, each chip organized as 16Mx8. May 12, Posts: