I’m in contact with the developer of the driver, so I hope to get the definitive instructions documented here soon. With continuous use under Kubuntu Hardy, this board has proved to be very stable. My motherboard is not a p45, but it sounds a lot like it it is the eVGA nforce board in terms of peripherals and I have had no problems with Ubuntu or Debian. Originally posted by jwbaker: One of the previous URLs talks about making boot disks under K3B which would leave the problem of having to rip the bootloader from the WinXP disk to install it on the new installation disk. The P55 is also compatible with the yet to be released Havendale processors.

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Like 4p5 of those ‘support forums’ it’s full of people who seem to thrive on single line comments. So I decided to go with an Intel motherboard.

Post-install, the system booted fine, video and all. I don’t have the inclination to fuck around with archaic commands these days. People on this board are getting sick and tired of dumb hardware questions.


Intel open sources Linux driver for latest graphics chipset

My life-long exposure to Linux has been versions of Red Hat and Mandrake. I have spent some time looking through the Linux kernel source v4. Additionally, the Apps that show hardware temperature reported no information sorry, I don’t remember which one I tried. It’s ilnux kind of advice I dish out regularly.

Sat Jun 28, 5: I had no problems with the install. Linux gives you a lot of flexibility intfl configure the system to minimize wear.

Motherboard and Chipset drivers — where to find? – MX Linux Forum

And it’s best to configure the system to minimize disk writes. Those may or may not be readily available.

I can understand that and it is one of the reasons my file server runs on old Intel hardware. I ask because buying new hardware and ‘hoping’ it works, isn’t a great plan. The above-mentioned code was not actually in github, but rather on a privately hosted git repository http: Jul linuc, Posts: By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Living in Scary Republican Central Registered: Sooner or inte you will have to turn to the command line no matter what distro you have. There are a lot more fun things to learn. After finishing the installation, try the instructions posted on the Asus forums; who knows, they might actually work. It is generally recommended not to locate it on the SSD due to excessive wear.


Works well for me.

Intel describes QST as follows:. Not that it ever is certified for individual motherboards, mind you.

Using cfq doesn’t make any sense for a random-access device. Sat Jun 28, 4: Prototyped Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: With continuous use under Kubuntu Hardy, this board has proved to be very stable. Visit the following links: Post as a guest Intdl.

MX Linux Forum

I rather liked it however. What doesn’t answer my question is ‘of course it’s going to work, why wouldn’t it!!!!!! But then I ran across this website itel