When tested, it prove to be the best for all purpose. The mouse has a possibility of adding weight to mouse, to change the user experience. During competitive multiplayer gaming session, this could become deadly. Best thing about Logitech software is its capability to recognize games installed on your system and it help you to save profile specific to those games and automatically load the specific profiles when you launch the game. Logitech Software found most, of installed games automatically. Also the DPI buttons were found to be more useful than expectation.

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Don’t have an account? Upto 27 grams Adjustable Connectivity: Assembly in the revered order, my advise for You, is that some steps for assembly are easier done with the mouse turned on it’s back, for example, screwing the little screws, or putting back the small translucent logitecg that was between PCBs.

Unscrew two smaller screws that are on the bottom level PCB, one is above laser sensor, and one is at the far back of the bottom level PCB. During competitive multiplayer gaming session, this could become deadly.

The G bulky body helps in reducing stress on the hand h500 gaming. PROS Design is comfortable even for long gaming session Smart software has many options Highly granular weight adjustment Linking games is easy and intuitive. The 2 criticism on mouse design are; First is with scroll wheel that shares the similar problem of loogitech other Logitech brands has.


It takes some time to learn, but experienced users will have no problems. Unscrew five cross-point screws, that are under the mouse feets.

The Logitech G is a deceptively simple peripheral that delivers a best-in-class experience by giving gamers precisely what they need, and nothing superfluous. Logitech G is almost perfect gaming mouse that embraces smart design at all avenues. When tested, it prove to be the best for all purpose. After linking profiles with standard gaming tests in games like Star Craft II, BioShock Infinite, Batman, World of Warcraft, it was found that all game played well and extra buttons were additional advantage.

Z-axis tracking as well as liftoff was v500. And replace only the springy-metal piece and top cover of microswitch. It provides experience which is neither ornate nor minimalist, however balance in all sense. Similar to other Logitech mice, it uses same software which is deep as well as highly customizable.

Logitech G Gaming Mouse Specs – CNET

For moude you need to program manually, because downloading profiles and connecting them with games short cuts is still very simple, however it required some extra steps. We will be happy to hear your thoughts.

Take off the mouse wheel. Carefully take the mouse apart. I’ve done it myself, and can say that it works as intended.

We have created the most comprehensive resource about gaming mice on the web. You can also program up to 5 DPI between — Navigation Main page Deskthority forum Support Deskthority. You can now detach the cable.


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Because of this, it become nearly impossible to shoot the enemy with sniper and lower DPI at the same time. Logitech G is just like other Logitech brands. Leave a reply Cancel reply.


Watch out to not damage the electrical tape, you need to detach it from the top cover. Palm or Claw grip Cable Length: Subscribe to Get Exclusive Gaming Deals. Despite these problems, Logitech G is very easy to hold as well as manipulate.

Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse Review

It allow to pick a single, convenient DPI button and repurpose it for extra commands that freed up your hands in order to focus on your keyboard commands. Unscrew two screws that are on the front of the PCB there are little springs under them, make sure you don’t damage logitehand two screws that are near the black part, in which the bolt was.

It has textured pads for both outermost fingers and thumb.