Adaptec HBA based on the Only a handful of drives? By joining our community you will have the ability to post topics, receive our newsletter, use the advanced search, subscribe to threads and access many other special features. If megasasctl doesn’t work for you, you will have to use the proprietary cli utility from LSI: The disk drive identified as! The system is prone to 5 second hangups.

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Its popularity is spreading I also included links to online retailers because some of these controllers are not that easy to find online. Mine appears like this in lspci [code] I limux even expect that a fresh software RAID with these controllers might cause problems if you want to move it to other vendor’s controllers because of the Adaptec metadata.

If you are performance-wise, avoid PMs, indeed. I thought a controller should leave freshly attached disks alone and just presents them to the OS until explicitly told do do something. Thanks vlad, I have updated the blog entry. Do you know of any such card, supported by OpenSolaris? BIOS upgrade from a Linux sax.


Installation with LSIsase RAID 1 – CentOS

The first one is already setup but we have just plugged a disk bays on the second card. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I already looked more closely at the alternatives: The kernel happily loads an earlier version of the “Fusion MPT” driver, but that one can’t see the controller and modinfo mptsas suggest that the module supports,and The controller is supposedly a model LSI calls a e–but lspci reports: I exchanged the firmware with the IT variant and everything works smoothly now.

How should I plug my disks? Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. Want to know if that peripheral is compatible with Linux?

Despite being AHCI-compliant, this series of chips seems unsupported by Solaris according to reader comments, see below. For those that like to live dangerously, dealextreme sells dodgy second tier QA castoff Liunx s and s for pretty cheap.

Obviously cheaper since there is no hardware RAID controller to buy.

LSIFusionMPT – HWraid

It will log a ligne to syslog when something failed and will send you a mail. If you’re in Europe, StarTech. Okay what I did next was to try to find a driver that could be used during the installation. But after this I was presented with the an error message “unable to mount drive”.


Poor LSI SAS1068E Write Performance with Linux

They will not forcefully write metadata and corrupt your existing data. Performance of the array is good. Proprietary tools creates the device node at startup.

This tool comes from LSI. In most case, your controller ID will be 0.

Sss why it uses a diffrent driver. Lots of bandwidth available to each port. There’s a two M. Could anyone add a comment on how SAS expanders affect things – do they introduce a large performance penalty like port multipliers? It might be loaded and the card recognised. Apparently were using source for kernel version that was ahead of the Etch kernel.

There is a GUI tool 3dm2 accessible via browser used for management and monitoring daemon that configures the RAID, sass the disk status and sends mail on failure.