Tue Jul 20 – Released driverloader Improved compatibility with newer kernels. Documented that newer versions of the bcmwl5. Fri Nov 07 – Released driverloader Wed Apr 21 – Released driverloader Fixed minor INF parsing bug. Subscribe to our newsletter.

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Added support for txpower. Fixed more WEP issues. Wed Sep 10 – Released driverloader Fri Oct 19 – Improved compatibility with newer kernels and distributions.

Marvell Technology (MRVL): Marvell Topdog WLAN ??

Some risks marvwll uncertainties that may adversely impact the statements in this release include, but are not limited to, the development of applicable market and product requirements, the timing, cost and successful completion of development and volume production, end-customer qualification and adoption, and the timing, pricing, rescheduling, or cancellation of orders.

Same exact error here, except with the Linksys adapter, which as you noted uses the same chipset. Do not fetch statistics when disconnected.


Fri Jun 20 – Improved compatibility with newer kernels and distributions. Sun Jan 25 – Released driverloader Fixed filesystem unmounting issue after loading driver.

Sun May 16 – Released driverloader I dont have much experience so Im just wondering Thanks to Johannes Endres for suggesting this. Fixed unicode string handling problem. Wed Mar 29 – Released driverloader Sun May 09 – Released elan Changed default netif name prefix from “eth” to “wlan” under SuSE 9.

Fixed “cannot schedule task” during shutdown. Improved kernel header checks.

[ubuntu] x64 Driver for TEWUB / Marvell TOPDOG n () ? [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Added check for disabled kernel. Added support for Mon Sep 19 – Added dldrconfig –patch option to facilitate installation of patches. Improved wireless stats reporting.

The Marvell community is committed to corporate social responsibility by developing low-power technologies. Fri May 21 – Released driverloader Mon Nov 10 – Released driverloader Added workaround for bug in RTLL driver causing crashes when wlab module.


Figure topsog confirms that the Netgear client is reporting transmit and receive link rates of 2 Mbps which is actually an 11b rate! Sun Feb 29 – Released driverloader Subscribe to our newsletter.

Fri Oct 21 – Released driverloader The Latest On Tom’s Hardware. Fixed potential deadlock upon driver initialization failure. Do you know if ndiswrapper for sure works with 64 bit drivers? Sun Oct 26 – Released driverloader