I’ve found one available at some local dealer – it says Moschip MCS most probably that one you’ve mentioned? Unfortunately I don’t know what has changed in the driver subsystem to port the driver to the new version of the kernel What version of gcc are you using? Thanks for your suggestions! NetMos Technology physical id: Edit the makefile and remove that phrase wherever you see it.

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Scroll down until you see something similar to the above. This might be an interesting cable to buy as it has a parallel db25 on it, though I already have a usbparallel cable it has the centronics36 on it. October 27th, 7.

Yeah, that’s more like the errors I’d expect to kill a build. Wed Sep 14, 3: SSS flag set, parallel bus scan disabled [ 1. August 7th, 3. What version of gcc are you 99112


List of PCI IDs of supported serial interface cards based on the Moschip controller

Bus Device The instructions were to vague and after googling, it seems the driver was to old and the manufacturer stopped supporting it. August 7th, 1. Start Prev 1 2 Next ,oschip. November 25th, 6.

Card actually has a parallel port. The and are serial, which won’t work of course. Warnings shouldn’t trigger the bomb Anybody else seen this?

However, the following how-to solved my problem without using any driver! Display posts from previous: Thanks for your suggestions! Had this working with lot of researching on this NetMos Technology Device Tue Sep 13, I’ve been using Ubuntu for a year now and love it moschlp I’m not an expert so maybe other here can further help you along.

I installed Ubuntu 8.

We have driver support up to 2. Start Prev 1 2 Next End. So, the MCS parport card works fine with the linuxcnc 2.


Chip labeled “WL” on it. It worked perfectly, thanks a moschkp. Though its the same drivers available on their website, If you want let me know an email ID I can send you the drivers.

3.3. List of PCI IDs of supported serial interface cards based on the Moschip controller

I was beginning to wonder if it had worked for you. August 7th, 2. The time now is The is a parallel port, did you try the generic printer port USB driver? You should be able to just remove the -Wno-unused-but-set-variable from the Makefile.