To reply to a message: Digital Rights Management Digital Rights Management When you download multimedia content available online, such as audio, images, or Java applications, these items may be subject to DRM restrictions. Multimedia Messages To repeat the part of the slide show you have just viewed, scroll left or scroll up. To delete a message in the MMS drafts folder without sending it: Each Contacts entry can store several numbers or addresses. The recent call list contains most recent picture sent to or received from a Private ID. The audio player groups the audio files into folders and lists.

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Motorola Nextel I880 IDEN/GSM Un-locked (SILVER)

Don’t show me this message again. Making Calls With the Flip Closed When you make a call with the flip closed, speakerphone is always on.

Motorola software motorla only be copied into, used in, and redistributed with, the Products associated with such Motorola software. You may be asked to go to a web site or call a customer care number. Memory Card Features The Memory Card menu controls how media items are stored and lets you remove and format the memory card: Page Camera Setting Picture Options When you take a picture, you mktorola set the zoom, spotlight, picture quality, and picture size, and set a timer to delay capturing the picture.

Contacts Choosing Picture View or List View You can set Contacts to show the picture assigned to each entry as you view the Contacts list or show the Contacts list without pictures.


Java Applications Deleting Applications Note: You can also enter a phone number, Private ID, or Talkgroup number here. Press A under Clear.

To play the podcast, press under A. A Contacts entry contains: Activating Service 2 Remove the battery by pushing it toward the antenna and lifting it out. Internal storage – Bigger storage capacity allows you to keep more content saved onto your device, such as more applications, photos or video.

Use the private speaker button to idwn from the internal speaker to the earpiece for private conversations or to minimize disruptions in quiet environments. During this time, other devices that are within range can detect your phone. Users can instantly connect a group of people nationwide all at once. To view the memo later: The songs on the albums are listed in the order that they normally appear on the album.

Motorola I Red Cellular Phone Direct Talk Nextel | eBay

You create the shortcut and then use it to take you to that screen any time. To set notification options during a call: Accessing The Media I80 Camera the phone. Protect the bottom accessory connector from dust and debris with the attached cover.

Quick Notes can be up to 30 characters. Page Managing DRM Items When ring tones and wallpapers expire, they are automatically removed from their respective lists. Call Alerts Sending a call alert lets the recipient know you want to talk to him or her on a Private call.


You can chose a recipient for the Datebook event you want to send during a Private call, from Contacts, from the recent calls list, from PT Manager, or from Datebook The higher the number, the more detailed and good-looking the display is. Protect your SIM card as you would any delicate object.

Motorola I Iden Nextel – Artwork on Phone | eBay

Page 5 Create and send the message. Multimedia Messaging Service MMS lets you send and receive messages that may include text, pictures, videos, and audio recordings. International Numbers Contacts If you store W, when you select this number and make a call, your phone dials the first 11 digits and then waits. Media Center Some items cannot be copied or moved: Nov 6, Market status: Filtering by Media Type You can set the media center to show all types of media items, only pictures, only videos, or only audio recordings.

FCC Part 15, subpart B, section Datebook Datebook stores up to events.