Many thanks for the information – I would never have found this without your help. I now have it working in Fedora 11 Gnome desktop. I’ve right clicked and copied the file in ‘Downloads’. I’ve now moved the file to the directory I earlier indicated, but now I need to create a sub-directory and can’t for the same reason I experienced earlier in copying the file – file permissions. At present, the following scanners are known to work more or less with this backend: But it refuses to save because of file permissions.

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See sane-usb 5 for details. However you can get the scanner to work, it should be worth the effort. Some success everyone – at least with scaner scanner. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

So far so good. This is only supported with Linux 2.

Ubuntu Manpage: sane-mustek_usb – SANE backend for Mustek USB flatbed scanners

This backend can only work with scanners that are already detected by the operating system. And how do I get Linux to accept actions without recourse to these constant file permissions?


What it would seem I need to do is change a line in the file gt68xx. Yet I still can’t cut and paste or use right click. If the value of the environment variable ends scabner the directory separator character, then the default directories are searched after the explicitly specified directories.

The scanning part seems to have been solved: July 25, OK, Lecture over OK, lets say your file is called myfile.

sane-mustek(5) – Linux man page

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Or you could create a “Launcher” icon on your desktop that always opens your file manager with root access. In earlier versions this backend failed when it was loaded the second time in some configurations. If your logged in as root you “should” be able to edit it I not only don’t particularly scaner Windows, I don’t understand it!

More detailed bug information is available at the Mustek backend homepage http: See sane-plustek 5 for details. I had Mustek scanner years ago never could get it to work.

sane-mustek (5) – Linux Man Pages

The Number Of The Beast. The following options can be used: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


Empty lines and lines starting with a hash mark are ignored. On another thread in this Forum, Wedgetail posted that the latest version of draftSight has cured the losw cursor problem. This I can’t do because file permissions say only the root can do this even though I am logged in as root. The Mustek is directly plugged into a USB post on this machine, per lsusb muztek i posted, and the OS knows that it’s there, but XSane and the scanner software I have does not.

ScanExpress A3 USB Pro Linux

Easy way to enable Mustek UB scanner on Ubuntu Please donate or become a patron on Patreon. Firstly, DON’T log on as root unless you absolutely need to learn to work with files from your user account Anyway, you get my point. Ahmed Nematallah 11 1 4. The current Ubuntu-version of hplip should be more than new enough.

If you need to add your account to the sudo group Code: